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Set up in 2011 by Emma Grosse, Soapology is a British based retailer, specialising in handmade, artisan soaps that are sold around the UK as well as online. Emma found her future in soap making when she was trying to find her own natural skincare products for both her and her family. She discovered that she not only loved using them herself, but that there was a market for selling these on too.

Making a few batches to test and working out the logistics of getting them out into the UK, Emma felt ready to trade at local markets and events in her area. Over the years, Emma realised that the real appeal in her business came with her handcrafted soaps.

The soaps that Soapology make are 100% natural and are palm oil free. They recognise that this material can be harmful to the environment and therefore have decided to make all their soaps without this.

Luxurious and ideal for all skin types. Using a Soapology soap is a wonderful way to give your skin a much needed boost. Packed full of skin loving ingredients, you will find nourishing oils such as coconut and sunflower along with natural scents and colourants too. Not only do these soaps smell amazing and look amazing, they really work too

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